Perfect Acai Review

Perfect Acai Review

Perfect Acai Review – Is This Brand Really A Cut Above The Rest?

After reading this Perfect Acai review, you will see why this is a supplement that should be on your short list of acai supplements. When you step into the acai berry supplement market, you are wading into a cesspool of scams and inferior products. One way to avoid falling for one of the frauds is to go with an established brand like Perfect Acai. So what makes this supplement better than most?

Acai Berry Basics

Before we go directly to the brand, let’s first brush up on the basics of this once little-known berry. Acai is called by many as the number one super fruit because of its nutritional value and high antioxidant content. You would be amazed to find so many nutrients packed into one small berry the size of a grape. In terms of potential benefits, it ranks far above avocados and cranberries which were perceived before as the reigning super fruits. The only drawback you may find with acai is that its high fat content causes it to spoil quickly, making it impossible to be shipped to other countries. Luckily, manufacturers have found a way to process acai berry such that the nutrients contained can still be maintained even without having fresh acai.

What to Avoid

You have to first know what to avoid in order to keep from getting scammed or ripped off. This is a very important thing to do as there are many shady companies out there looking to scam people who want to buy acai berry supplements. Keep an eye out for companies which offer free trials. Typically, this is done to get you to make a commitment without knowing you are paying for it. Perfect Acai never makes offers for free products. No real company can afford to. A free sample is a major red light for a scam. You may also notice certain ingredients in inferior products that have no business being there. Drinks may contain caffeine and powders may contain maltodextrin, a product adding when the acai is spray-dried. Perfect Acai offers only a pure product with no cheap or unhealthy fillers taking up space and wasting your money.

You also want to avoid extracts. The health properties of the acai berry come from the entire skin and fruit, not one single aspect. Why not enjoy the benefits of the whole fruit? Along these lines, you want to avoid companies which also process the seed. Since the healthy properties are found in the fruit and skin, the seed would be considered filler. With some acai berries, the seed accounts for half of the mass. Products that process the seed are essentially offering you half the health benefits for the same price! With Perfect Acai, you are getting more nutrition because of the things they leave out, not what they put in. That means savings for you since it doesn’t cost anything for Perfect Acai to leave out the fillers.

The Product You Want to Buy

Acai distributors and users who are in the know are well aware that the only acceptable method of processing acai that retains the nutrients while at the same time making the products travel-worthy is freeze drying. Studies show that freeze dried acai supplements have 50 times more antioxidants than those which have undergone spray drying.

Spray drying means they use heat to remove the liquid from the berries and then spray it with maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is absorbed by the body as glucose, a sugar. And as a bonus for the shady companies, maltodextrin does not have to be included as an ingredient since it is added during the manufacturing process. Perfect Acai states from the outset exactly how they manufacture their product. They only freeze-dry their acai supplement and they never add fillers.

They do not stop there, however. Most supplement companies offer their product in capsules. Perfect Acai does as well, but they let you in one a very important little detail. Many inferior capsules are made from gelatin which come from cowhide! For a vegan or someone with allergies, this cheap capsule could spell lots of problems. Perfect Acai uses only capsules made from vegetable cellulose. Not only are they safer, but they are more easily digestible and much better for you.

It is important to remember that many companies, which are trying to take your money with little concern for giving you a quality product, are not going to tell you that their product is inferior if they don’t have to. You have to know what to avoid, but just as importantly, you have to know what you want in your supplements.