Steps Slimming

Steps Slimming

Killer Steps How Every WiseWeight WatcherCan Avoid Eating Dangerous Fat.

Are you one of those people looking for a way of living that will allow you to sensibly Lose Weight? Keep the weight off permanently? And accomplish this while experience all the joy of eating? If your answer to those questions is ‘Yes’, then you can start to celebrate now! Because this is the article that will enable you to do just that!

Enough of talking at least for now. Can we dive into the first and foremost killer step number one?

A word of caution though! Continue reading this may shock you out of your pants. Or, for a lady from you skirts. Any way, you have now been forewarned.

Killer Step No.1 Choose skim or low fat milk, evaporated milk, yogurt and cheese.

Allow me to share with you a true to life experience I had encountered when I was in Singapore. At the food court there, a delicious roasted chicken was dangling in full view of mywife and me. Without a second thought, we immediately ordered a full half of the roasted chicken with its skin roasted in golden color. But to our utter surprise the chicken was served without a trace of its skin. We were rather surprise that the chicken rice stall owner decided to be a self-appointedrighteous dietician. This really made us mad or guilty. However, like an obedient consumer, we decided to stuff the chicken down our throat with many irritations. Looking the situation in another way, it could also be a blessing in disguise. You can trust me on that!

With this, it has reminded me to advise all weight watchers to be extra careful when reading the label in the food and drinks we take. Basically, it should beskim, 1% fat, 2% fat, 99% fat free. Many companies now make”imitation” cheeses with less fat. A word of caution is appropriate here. Beware; cheeses labeled “made with partially skimmed milk” may contain almost as much fat as regular cheese.Get my drift?

Before we walk over to the next killer step, let’s pause a moment to let what we have read sink in. Such a simple ideas is so easy to skip over. I make no apology for repeating this, if I have to. Without further ado, let’s proceed into killer step number two. OK?

Step 2:Choose lean meats trimmed of all visible fat, poultry without skin.

This may sound a repetition, but trust me, it’s not. Please read and you decide for yourself. You can bet your eye balls on this! Choose meat and poultry labeled lean (no more than 10% fat by weight) or extra lean (no more than 5% fat by weight).To be brutally honest, we believe very strongly that meat, poultry and fish contain invisible fat. Hence, try to limit portion size to 4 oz., about the size of the palm of your hand. Simple enough?

Trust me; I have only peeled back the first few layers of this article. But if you really want to get the real truth, we are going to get a little personal! OK?

Then let’s proceed now!

Killer Step 3. Choose lean fish like cod, scrod, haddock and halibut.

Don’t get me wrong!When using fatty fish like salmon, bluefish or mackerel remove the skin and all visible fat. You ask “Do you know the skins of most fish are nutritious?” That’s a good question! Believe me that this question has been thrown at my face so many times, that I have lost count of it. Really!

Before we go astray, allow me to answer this question in the shortest form possible! However, fat from fish is not that bad after all. But we are particularly focused on people who are suffering from the fatty syndrome! Eating any fat can trigger big time on the total fats craving for such people. Period!

Anyway, let’s give a loud shout to killer step number four. Before we do that may we again pose another question to you now? Are you getting into this so far? Or is it rubbing you the wrong way? If you are ready, to read the killer step number four, go ahead and continue reading but brace yourself first. Right?

Killer Step 4: Roast, broil, grill, bake or poach meat, poultry and fish, so no extra fat is added.

What you going to read is not a ‘chicken or egg’ conspiracy. It does not take a rocket scientist to sort it out. But you need to remember only this. During cooking fat drips off; discard it. I say, ‘Beware’this dripping fat is indeed very damaging to your heart! You can trust me on this!

When you add bread crumbs to ground meat for meat loaf or hamburgers, the crumbs act like a blotter, soaking up fat instead of allowing it to drip off. I can agree with you it takes tremendous courage to discard the crumbs especially when it looks too good to miss out! However, the choice is yours! Remember this bread does not only contain fats, it also contains fat generating ‘carbohydrates’ Full stop!

Even as we draw closer to the end of this article, let’s not forget that the last but not the least 5thkiller step. In fact, if you must remember only one thing from this article remember just this killer step number Five.

Killer Step 5: Use jelly or jam as a spread on toast and bread instead of butter, margarine or cream cheese.

Let me set the record straight. Jelly or jam as a spread is truly good taste and no fat. OK! I know you are probably shaking your heading after reading the killer step number five. What? Me eating my toast with jell or jam? I must be crazy! Trust me, change is always difficult! In fact the ice age dinosaurs lived yesterday andnow long gone today. You ask why? It’s a simple fact! They are incapable of change! Believe me we are no dinosaurs but full blooded human being! We change because we want to avoid dangerous fat and to be healthy. That’s the bottom line! Right?

To summarize, there are only five key steps to remember. It boils down to what we eat and how we cook and eat it. It means firstly we must choose the right type of milk. Secondly, eat only meats trimmed of all visible fat, poultry without skin. Thirdly, consume only lean fish like cod, scrod, haddock and halibut. Fourthly, roast, broil, grill, bake or poach meat, poultry and fish, so no extra fat is needed. And finally, use jelly or jam as a spread on toast and bread instead of butter, margarine or cream cheese. Simple enough?

As we draw close to our weight loss journey, allow me to give you some encouraging words. Speaking from the bottom of my heart I truly congratulate you for gaining this knowledge through this report or article. And this is power. I know that some of the material in this article was technical but you stuck with it. Good! That shows how much you want to succeed. The rest is entirely up to you. Goodbye and may your determinations make you a slimmer and a more beautiful person inside out.